A progress report from behind the scenes here at the all-new Eleusinian Cafe

A minion, in the dark, with a gift.

🍄 this is what construction looks like 🍄

Working behind the scenes, in the dark, getting ready to open the Cafe one of these fine days. The Elesusinian Cafe of the mind -- the place that just has to come to be, since it was an inspired idea, just like The Yellow Brick Toad, and look how well that turned out!

This is the next stage of cafe-management: It's the ultimate in come_as_you_are. As you really really are. If you can still muster up a witty saying or an audio of something you've recorded that we all might like to hear ... well, we can have a song gathering or a hootenanny, although I've gone this long without ever going to one and I should probably keep that record pristine.

You might say that there are perfectly good places created for these purposes on Facebook and Google Plus Handouts, or whatever it is they are calling themselves, but the truth is, I've come to distrust those places. I actually feel a little bit paranoid even suggesting that I don't enjoy myself in committee-created social-media labs, but so what? Let's just say that I would like a little more control, so I'm learning some programming so that I can create a custom space. It's not that hard.

And here is some music, should you want to start to get on the Eleusinian vibe. This is Paul Simon, these days. I paid for this one with my own good money, so I can share and recommend, right? Let's see:

This one has some fun tubular throat singing, and I should be more specific, but there will be those among you who specialize in this sort of thing, and you know who you are. Leave a comment in Disqus, if you can.

Pretty cool, eh? And I just got another cool idea for the Cafe, which I will flesh out in the next installment. For now, I'm calling it Record Sleeves, with the programming filled in as I learn. Give me some slack here ... I'm also fixing up The Fork for viewing, and so Ruby and Shoes might come in handy.

It all sounds insane, now that I look around me in the cold light of morning, but this is a cafe for night-time thinking and for looking over one's shoulder. Programming, it turns out, is an interesting rabbit hole and it has driven more than one person insane. I'm particularly interested in one of them, and that's where the ruby shoes are taking me. Literally.

Working hard. Building the site that will live at this link.

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